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Customer Loyalty Fortified for a Leading Natural Cosmetics Brand

The Client

A Leading Natural Cosmetics Brand

Our most challenging partnership was with a leading D2C brand in the Natural cosmetics industry. The brand's founder poured her heart and soul into transforming the beauty industry, fueled by the pain of losing her mother to skin cancer.

Her commitment to indigenous natural ingredients led to the creation of a product line focused on goat milk and innovative clean technology. This dedication to people's gentle personal care has earned them recognition as one of the fastest-growing brands by Inc 42 media.

What we did ?

  • Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Google Ads
  • Email marketing
  • WhatsApp marketing

The Challenges

Become an Invincible Player

Despite dominating the natural skincare market, our client encountered the challenge of sustaining their position amid emerging competitors replicating their success framework.

Their primary goal was to retain existing customers while also becoming the top-of-mind brand for customers seeking natural cosmetics.

Being perceived as a Beauty brand, our client is, in fact, a Personal care brand targeting the mass audience. For this, they wanted us to devise effective strategies to conduct experimental campaigns to attract a substantial influx of new customers monthly.

The Strategy

The Key Strategy to Attract New Customers

To reach the mass audience, our strategy was to pull people to the brand through one core problem.

Through consumer research we found that Hair issues are their top concern. So, we focused on haircare-based audience building to facilitate for the mass an easy entry to the Brand. Subsequently, we tried to upsell their skincare products.

With this strategy, we witnessed a significant improvement in sales from the second month of our endeavors.

Testing Framework for a Structured Scaling

The brand having the huge target on the mass audience missed doing something effective at the basic level. They did not have a clear testing framework as it is important to go for a structured scaling.

We went ahead establishing the testing frameworks, evaluating various messaging styles for each product, allocating 10-15% of the Ad spend in testing before prospecting for optimized performance and ROI.

As we developed the framework, we started getting a firm grip over the scaling.

Refining the Brand Message for Optimization Result

Their brand messaging was clear when they positioned their products as personal care items rather than beauty products. But we felt the need to refine it better to drive more sales.

While people rely on home remedies for personal care, achieving desired visible results often gets challenging.  Recognizing this we tried to improvise their messaging style as ‘Results driven Natural cosmetics’.

We highlighted specific timeframes like 20 weeks in Ads, promising visible outcomes surpassing home remedies for effective personal care. This particular Ad was the simplest yet high performing Ad which keeps bringing new customers steadily even after a year.

Account and Search optimization in Google Ads

Their Google Ads manager was in disarray when we first logged in. The lack of structure in keywords and product categorization led to duplicated efforts, suboptimal results, and increased campaign expenses. So, we started with a thorough cleanup as the groundwork for future improvements.

Moving forward in our strategy development, we recognized two distinct Google search types. The first encompasses ingredient-specific searches, such as "jojoba oil" and "honey mix face wash," while the second relates to specific skin and hair concerns.

Executing our traffic strategy and account cleanup significantly boosted sales since March 2022. It's worth highlighting that we prioritized visuals, acknowledging their significance in the cosmetics industry. Our display and video ads have notably elevated brand discovery on YouTube.

Expanding Customer Lifetime Value with Email Marketing

Although cosmetic brands typically experience a high rate of returning customers, the industry's intense competition makes sustaining customer loyalty challenging.

To preserve our hard-earned customer base, we harnessed the power of email marketing, forging personalized connections on a consistent basis.  Our well-structured email flow, managed through Klaviyo, was tailored to enhance Customer Lifetime Value.

This strategic move bore fruit, yielding a notable upswing in returning customers, commencing from the month of April 2022.

Multi-channel approach for Online Omnipresence

As our brand expanded, maintaining its top-of-mind awareness became paramount. We embarked on a mission to establish an omnipresent online presence, pushing the boundaries of our reach.

In this pursuit, we ventured into new and exciting channels like Sharechat and Snapchat, fueling our brand's online expansion, and forging deeper connections with our audience.

This has resulted in an impressive 40% increase in online visibility, becoming a dominant presence in the cosmetics industry.

Predictive Restocking: WhatsApp's Sales Surge

In our quest for enhancing customer convenience and driving more sales, we went the extra mile beyond email flows. We ventured into the world of WhatsApp, powered by Zoko's ingenious automation.

Here, our strategy was about helping their customers restock their favorite products by predicting the time their product will get over creating a seamless flow in shopping.

This strategy was also to cross-sell other products based on their overall buying behavior. By adopting an automation strategy, we found the next big jump in sales from the month of June with the shoot-up in return customer purchases.

The Result


increase in
Website traffic


Meta Ads


decrease in Cost Per Conversion in Google Ads in 4 months


Google Ads


improvement in
Return Customers