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15x growth in 18 months:

An Explosive Growth Story of a Sustainable Fashion Label

The Client

A Bamboo Brand into Sustainable Fashion

This is the most interesting partnership we have ever had, and here is the story of how we transformed the brand of a phenomenal product range, making very low sales, into a sustainable fashion leader.

This athleisure brand is on a mission to revolutionize everyday wear by creating the most comfortable and sustainable fashion through extensive R&D, introducing an eco-friendly apparel range crafted with a blend of Bamboo and organic cotton.

What we did ?

  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Social Media Management
  • Website design
  • Website development

The Challenges

Break Sales Barriers

Despite offering unique fabric and premium-quality products, our client struggled with low brand awareness that didn't match its deserved reputation, despite years in the market. We found that the majority of their sales came from existing customers, leading to stagnant growth.

Hence acquiring new customers became a critical challenge for them to drive more sales. Additionally, low sales conversion prompted the demand for website optimization tactics to boost conversionseffectively.

The Strategy

Transforming the Messaging style in Meta Ads

Despite their garments' extraordinary attributes, there was a significant drawback in their messaging approach - a generic style lacking core messaging to captivate the audience. How to make the messaging unique?

While recognizing Bamboo's potential as a clear differentiator in the crowded innerwear market, we also understood that solely relying on its bamboo origin wouldn't suffice for sales.

By strategically aligning Bamboo's attributes with customer needs, highlighting its anti-microbial, strain-free, soft, light, and breathable properties, we successfully positioned it as a compelling all-in-one innerwear solution, revolutionizing its market presence.

With the adoption of this messaging style, there was an uptrend in sales from the month of July.

Focused Promotion of Few Star Products

Besides refining the messaging style, we adopted a precise audience targeting strategy based on the application of each garment variety.

For this, we researched their entire competitive landscape and selected 4 of their special garments - Period Panties, Pregnancy Panties, Comfort Bra and Sports Bra as the core products to drive initial sales growth. This focused move led to significant traction in sales and a notable increase in brand awareness.

Strategically Attracted the Hunters through Google Ads

Despite their garments' extraordinary attributes, there was a significant drawback in their messaging app. We had two simple search strategies to drive more traffic to their website.

Firstly, we categorized searchers into two groups: those seeking alternative fabrics and others looking for functional features. By employing precise keywords, we directed focused traffic to the website and for those who left the site, we remarketed on YouTube to close the sales.

Secondly, in-depth keyword research allowed us to suggest improvements to product titling, resulting in better connections with a broader audience. The combined efforts led to substantial growth in website traffic and a subsequent hike in sales performance.

Website Optimization for Converting More Sales

Our objectives for the website were twofold: increasing conversions and boosting the average order value for each conversion. How to make the site have more conversions? For any brand we have 3 step approach that has worked time and again, and they are:

  • 1. Focus on Home page and Product Page for better impression
  • 2. Optimize the site for mobile friendliness
  • 3. Make the checkout process smoother

Second, how to increase the average order value in each conversion? The answer lies in crafting UI UX design and product bundling strategies to upsell and cross sell products. These calculative approaches lead to a massive surge in sales from April.

Upselling and cross-selling with Email Marketing

The consumer behavior shows that innerwear purchase happens in bulk in regular time intervals. However, due to the brand and material being new, customers mostly initially buy only one as a test piece.

To encourage bulk buying, we implemented personalized email marketing to not only upsell their products, but also to effectively entice customers to explore their outwear collections.

As the customers grow, retaining them for longer time engagement becomes important. By adopting the effective email marketing strategy, we found a major increase in Return customer rate from the month of July.

The Result


growth in Overall Revenue in 1.5 years


growth in Sales through Meta Ads in 6 months


growth in New Customer Acquisition in 6 months


increase in Sales Conversion Rate (0.75% to 2.2%)


increase in Return Customers through Email marketing


increase in Website Traffic in 6 months


growth in Sales through Google Ads in 3 months