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100x growth in 24 months:

A Burgeoning Chronicle of Journal Book Kickstarter

The Client

Nurturing Transformative Writing Habits

This is the client with whom we have been traveling right from the inception of the brand. With a belief in the transformative power of writing, this brand delivers journal workbooks that foster calmness, organization, productivity, and happiness.

The founder had just launched her passionate product for kids and reached out to us to get this new product to enter the market. Our partnership with them has thrived for over three years and continues to flourish.

What we did ?

  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Amazon Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Website Revamp

The Challenges

Validation: Product Market Fitness

Being a Kickstarter, they grappled with the uncertainty of how their product would be received and adopted. Their primary challenge was to get their product validated in the market by acquiring initial few customers swiftly.

Moreover, considering the product's inherent nature, the Customer Lifetime Value remains relatively limited, creating difficulty in securing repeat purchases from the same customers in a short span.

The Strategy

Messaging Mastery in Meta: Connect, Captivate & Conquer

In the sales domain, divided into Website and Marketplace, we utilized creative campaigns on Meta ads (Facebook and Instagram) to generate awareness for our new brand. The primary objective was to enhance website sales in the early stages.

By delving into consumer insights, we identified parenting enthusiasts and avid readers as the brand's core audience. Subsequently, we tailored our content to cater to their specific needs and preferences.

While their products boast multiple benefits, we initially focused on emphasizing one particular advantage: "Spend quality time with your kids and yourself". This message resonated with our audience well and online sales took off from Jul 2020.

Smart ROAS Strategy: MetroFocus Yields High Returns in Google Ads

With google ads, we initially promoted the undated planner as our primary product, with a focus on reaching two specific target audiences: regular diary users and self-improvement/productivity enthusiasts.

As the sales picked up, we then identified their pregnancy journals as the next key product for boosting sales. To direct traffic toward this product, we targeted the search keywords associated with pregnancy products and pregnancy gifting.

In our pursuit of optimizing the ROAS, we precisely focused on metropolitan audiences, excluding smaller cities. This resulted in an impressive maximum ROAS of 7 and an average value consistently ranging from 4 to 5, reflecting the success of our refined targeting strategy.

Email marketing: the platform to Sell more by Educating

Like the domain mental health, its product - Guided Journal Workbooks are also new to people. Thus, educating the audience becomes necessary to its sales unlike fashion or cosmetic products.

Due to the limited space in Meta ads, emails emerged as a convenient platform for conveying in-depth educational content.

Our email marketing efforts were directed towards upselling their planners and skillfully cross-selling their tailored workbooks. The baby journal was introduced as the follow-up for mothers who had previously purchased the pregnancy journal before giving birth.

With the adoption of a clear email marketing strategy, we were able to increase the sales by expanding the Customer Lifetime Value remarkably from Feb 2021.

Website optimization for Conversion Rate Boost

Recognizing a low website conversion rate, we suggested they enhance the user experience by introducing a dedicated Best Sellers category and a Gifts and Combos section, facilitating the website visitors to make a quick decision to buy.

As their Average Order Value (AOV) was low, we suggested they display the bundled-up products like Pregnancy Journal and Baby record together as combo offer package.   These website optimization efforts resulted in a notable increase in sales starting from March 2022.

Triumphant Results on Amazon: A Whopping 300% Surge in Sales

Despite our significant efforts to boost website sales through various channels, the sales on the online marketplace surpassed those on the website by 300%. Surprisingly, even before implementing a dedicated Amazon strategy, we observed a substantial increase in our client's brand name searches on Amazon. This highlights the influential role of our primary channel, Meta creative Ads, in creating widespread brand awareness.

Beyond conventional keyword strategies for promoting our result yielding products such as undated planners and daily journals, a distinctive approach we incorporated involved penetrating our competitors' space. Targeting competitors' ASINs allowed us to capture the attention of well-established brands' audiences, amplifying our brand's visibility.

It's worth noting that competitors could employ similar tactics to divert attention from our client’s product page. To counter this, we deployed Defense campaigns on those pages, effectively upselling related products like 4-month journals, 12-month journals, mood trackers, and kids' journals, resulting in optimal conversions.

Seasonal Trends: Strategy for Sales & New Customer Surge

As the product's nature inherently keeps the Customer Lifetime value low, we recognized that the key to revenue growth lay in continuously acquiring new customers.  Therefore, all our campaigns were meticulously designed to allure and engage with new potential customers.

Understanding the nuances of seasonal trends in planner sales, we carefully planned our campaigns and budget distribution to attract the highest number of new customers during peak times, notably the pre-New Year period.

Year after year, we witnessed a remarkable 4x upswing in sales during this particular season, accompanied by a corresponding inflow of fresh customers to the brand.

The Result


Revenue growth in
24 months


Consistent Seasonal Sales Spike maintained yearly


Google Ads


reduction in Cost Per Conversion in
Google Ads


Amazon Ads